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                    History of the Fleur De Lis   

The literal meaning of "Fleur De Lis" is flower of the Lily, or flower of light.  The lily symbolizes peace, purity, and resurrection.  It is said that lilies sprung from the tears of Eve as she was leaving the Garden of Eden.  The lily was given at baptism of the Virgin Mary, and lilies grew too, from Mary's tears at the foot of the Cross.  Stylized versions of the lily appear in the artwork and pottery of even the earliest civilizations. Throughout the centuries, the fleur de lis has appeared on flags of countless nations, coins, shields, and coats of arms.  It is the unofficial emblem of the french monarchy, and was first brought to New Orleans by french settlers, and still appears in architectural ironwork all over the city.  Since hurricane Katrina, the fleur de lis has become a signifigant symbol of strength, endurance, rebirth, and our Love for this great city.
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